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MATH 1-8
Start: 20-11-2022

Finish: 1-12-2022


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MATH Problem 8.
What is the largest possible number of parts of a convex \(n\)-sided polygon obtained by division by its diagonals?

Rules for MATH Season:
01. There is no fee. Donations could be send by PayPal to
02. Test includes one mathematical problem every two weeks (12 days for solving).
03. Test is given as a pdf file.
04. You need to provide a full mathematical proof for your solution.
05. Help of any other person is not allowed.
06. Competitors agree to be rated by IQ Puzzle Ratings, and should enter their names in Latin characters only. Each season will be rated separately. Stars from all seasons will be added together to form Hall of Fame. You can require to stay anonymous. Anonymous competitors will not be rated.
07. Each item will bring 7 points.
08. At the exact time of the competition start, test file will be available to be downloaded at the Status window above.
09. You have 12 days to submit a proof of the problem to You may send multiple submissions, but enter your name, surname and e-mail address in each submission. Your latest submission for the problem will be taken as your official solution to that problem.
10. An errata column will be published on the main page of the web site. It's up to you to check the errata column until the competition ends.
11. Solutions WILL BE discussed on my YouTube channel.
12. Top ten competitors of each IVIQ will be displayed on this page until the end of the next round.
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